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14191RE: [Clip] Determining Active INI Filename?

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  • Jamal Mazrui
    Sep 2, 2005
      Thanks--that helps me understand the cause of the problem!

      I have not logged in as a different user, but I have run clips from the
      command line with another program while NoteTab is open. I did notice
      that NoteTab retrieved a different AppData shell folder value within a
      clip in that case, so apparently Windows treats the other program
      running the clip as a different user name. In fact, I recall the user
      name being something like "Local Service" on one computer exhibiting
      this problem.

      Can you think of a way around the problem? I still want to be able to
      run clips via the command line while NoteTab is open.


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      I've encountered this problem often. It is related to file ownership.
      If you create an INI file in one user account, then try to edit it as a
      different user, you MAY have trouble writing to the file (Windows XP).

      In particular, if you create a file as admiistrator, and then switch
      over to a regular user account, the regular user will not have the same
      permissions, as the administrator.


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