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14185Re: [Clip] Determining Active INI Filename?

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  • hsavage
    Aug 31, 2005
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      Jamal Mazrui wrote:
      > Let me caution people against editing NotePro.ini. It does not work as
      > documented on Windows XP and above. Mysterious problems sometimes arise
      > where NoteTab cannot save the .ini file. I have not found an
      > authoritative answer despite extensive web searching, but the most
      > plausible explanation, suggested on this and another list, is related to
      > security settings that cause eitehr Windows XP or antivirus software to
      > suspect changes to a .ini file and block the attempt.
      > I have found that one is better off saving and restoring values to a
      > .ini file other than the default one used by NoteTab. Alternatively, ,
      > set NoteTab to use the Windows registry rather than a .ini file, and the
      > problem seems to be avoided.
      > Again, this problem is not pervasive. It may not happen on your
      > computer, so if you are the only one using the clips, you may not need
      > to worry about it. If you are writing clips for others to use as well,
      > however, I suggest the above work-arounds for what has been a
      > frustrating and time-consuming problem for me.
      > Jamal


      I would be interested to know under what circumstances you have trouble
      editing and saving the NoteTab ini file. I would like to try
      duplicating the problem.

      I've used NoteTab on Windows version 3.11 thru XP Pro. The last 2 OSes
      I've used are XP Home, now XP Pro Media Center. I'm using inifiles with
      increasing frequency from Win98 till now.

      I always use the NoteTab inifile to store settings, not the registry,
      and have never had an occasion, that I recall, when NoteTab
      couldn't/wouldn't save/write to the inifile. I edit NotePro.ini fairly
      often and never use an intermediate file. I do, however, save a backup
      copy of NoteTab's ini file now and then, just in case.

      At present I have 54 current inifiles that store data for use on a web
      site that I maintain and it is entirely done using template files and
      ini files and they work wonderfully. I, also, use inifiles with several
      other of my clips and have no problems.

      I use Panda AV w/firewall, some Windows security options enabled and no
      problems yet, but, I can see a problem with profile permissions on a
      multi-user computer but I have very limited experience with that scenario.

      hrs > hsavage@...
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