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14080Re: snag url and selection and save to file

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  • d_offen
    Jul 25, 2005
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      > Are all saves going to the same folder?

      Usually they are saved in a particular folder when I am researching a
      single topic, but I change that folder or create new ones as I move to
      other topics. Notetab remebers the last saved in folder so it is a
      quick visual check to see if I am in the correct folder before hitting

      > If so, one suggestion for the
      > first clip is to hard-code the path. (Change line 1 to suit yourself.)
      > Another suggestion is to avoid, when possible, operating NoteTab via
      > the Keyboard command.
      Thanks for that tip. I tried not using the keyboard commands, but
      couldn't get the syntax correct or something.

      > hsavage will have an improved, one-line version, and Jody will have
      > done the same thing in 1973 but it's now lost under an avalanche of

      Thanks for your reply

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