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14069Re: [Clip] snag url and selection and save to file

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  • hsavage
    Jul 23, 2005
      d_offen wrote:
      > I like the suggestion to use the url snag extension in firefox, but
      > find the clip that was suggested a while ago on this forum is more
      > adaptable and therefore more useful.
      > I have two versions which I use quite extensively. One uses the
      > original clip suggested but highlights and copies the second line of
      > the document (usually the title) and opens up the save function. I
      > then only have to do a paste of the title and check where it is being
      > saved and click ok. I use a button on the clip bar to activate the
      > clip after hightlighting a passage in the browser.
      > I tried to get some way to automatically paste the title into the save
      > field but couldn't get it to do it. I'm not very good at clips. Can
      > anyone clean up my clip and add that function? I would like to keep
      > the manual save option so I can select different directories if
      > necessary.
      > ^!FocusApp *Mozilla*
      > ^!Keyboard CTRL+C
      > ^!ClipBoardSave
      > ^!Keyboard ALT+D CTRL+C
      > ^!ActivateApp
      > ^!Keyboard CTRL+N
      > ^!InsertText {^$GetClipboard$}^%nl%^%nl%
      > ^!ClipBoardRestore
      > ^!InsertText ^$GetClipboard$^%nl%^%nl%^P
      > ^!Set %WrapStatus%=^$IsWordWrap$
      > ^!SetWordWrap 0
      > ^!Jump +2
      > ^!Keyboard CTRL+C
      > ^!SetWordWrap ^%WrapStatus%
      > ^!Keyboard SHIFT+CTRL+S
      > The second option is to use this slightly modified clip to use the
      > above notetab as a pasteboard for more selections from firefox.
      > I then hit the save file button to update the saved document with the
      > additions.
      > These two clip buttons save me a lot of time and headaches. Thanks for
      > putting in the original clips.
      > Doug


      Could you give us a sample of one of your saves, so we can more clearly
      see the url and text and where you get the title/filename from that

      Also, if I understand correctly, you use the first clip for the initial
      save then, the second clip for subsequent saves during the same session
      so that all saves are in a single file. True/False

      hrs > hsavage@...
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