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14065snag url and selection and save to file

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  • d_offen
    Jul 22, 2005
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      I like the suggestion to use the url snag extension in firefox, but
      find the clip that was suggested a while ago on this forum is more
      adaptable and therefore more useful.

      I have two versions which I use quite extensively. One uses the
      original clip suggested but highlights and copies the second line of
      the document (usually the title) and opens up the save function. I
      then only have to do a paste of the title and check where it is being
      saved and click ok. I use a button on the clip bar to activate the
      clip after hightlighting a passage in the browser.

      I tried to get some way to automatically paste the title into the save
      field but couldn't get it to do it. I'm not very good at clips. Can
      anyone clean up my clip and add that function? I would like to keep
      the manual save option so I can select different directories if

      ^!FocusApp *Mozilla*
      ^!Keyboard CTRL+C
      ^!Keyboard ALT+D CTRL+C
      ^!Keyboard CTRL+N
      ^!InsertText {^$GetClipboard$}^%nl%^%nl%
      ^!InsertText ^$GetClipboard$^%nl%^%nl%^P
      ^!Set %WrapStatus%=^$IsWordWrap$
      ^!SetWordWrap 0
      ^!Jump +2
      ^!Keyboard CTRL+C
      ^!SetWordWrap ^%WrapStatus%
      ^!Keyboard SHIFT+CTRL+S

      The second option is to use this slightly modified clip to use the
      above notetab as a pasteboard for more selections from firefox.

      ^!FocusApp *Mozilla*
      ^!Keyboard CTRL+C
      ^!Keyboard ALT+D CTRL+C
      ^!InsertText {^$GetClipboard$}^%nl%^%nl%
      ^!InsertText ^$GetClipboard$^%nl%^%nl%^P^P------>^P

      I then hit the save file button to update the saved document with the

      These two clip buttons save me a lot of time and headaches. Thanks for
      putting in the original clips.

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