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14063Re: [Clip] Newbie silly question; mkdir from list

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  • hsavage
    Jul 20, 2005
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      Phillip Sand Hansel II wrote:
      >>> ...it can create a subfolder with no name that you can't delete. I've
      >>> tried several things...
      > I too have a folder I can not rename nor delete. I've gone to a DOS
      > and tried to rmdir with quotes around the name and adding various
      amounts of
      > blank spaces at the end (before the close quote). Didn't work. I
      figure it
      > may be a tab or cr/lf at the end of the name, but can not seem to
      trick DOS
      > into accepting a return in the line command.
      > I've modified the code so (as below) it won't happen again, but does
      > know how I might deal with this bad folder? (I've tried ignoring it,
      but it
      > bothers me still. :-)
      > Mr. Phillip Sand Hansel II


      We probably should take this exchange to the OffTopic list since it no
      longer relates to clips, though a clip started it. I'm going to CC this
      to OffTopic now for future exchanges.

      It really bugs me too, having a file or folder that can't be deleted.
      I've been searching for an answer by Google-ing 'cannot delete', still
      no answers but, here's a URL that I'm investigating now, you might try
      it also.


      hrs > hsavage@...
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