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14046Re: [Clip] Newbie silly question; mkdir from list

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  • Bob McAllister
    Jul 13, 2005
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      Try adding a ^$StrTrim to the line that creates the variable name, so
      that it reads.
      ^!Set %foldername%=^$StrTrim(^$GetLine$)$

      I was also getting an I/O error report (in my case 161) and guessed it
      was some (invisible) junk on the line being grabbed.


      On 7/14/05, Adrian/ Rosemary Worsfold <change@...> wrote:
      > I get I/O Error 123 with this clip from hsavage whether MKDir directory is within quotes or not.

      > ;
      > :LOOP
      > ^!Set %lastrow%=^$GetRow$
      > ^!Set %foldername%=^$GetLine$
      > ^!MkDir ^%dirpath%^%foldername%

      > Adrian Worsfold
      > http://www.pluralist.co.uk
      > >
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