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14014Re: [Clip] Sending text to other application

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  • Jody
    Jul 5, 2005
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      Hi Taka,

      >Thank you all. Getting the application title by ^$GetAppTitle$
      >worked perfectly. It appears that the title bar was different
      >from the actual title.

      Glad something working. You probably just forgot or are new to
      the lists, but try to remember to snip out unneeded text to
      understand your replaced; some people have to pay by the Kb and
      it costs them more to have it all posted again. Thanks!

      >> >^!Delay 1
      >> >^!IfMatch "".*Don's Web Site.*"" "^$GetAppTitle$" Next Else Skip_-1
      >> ^!FocusApp "NoteTab*"
      >> ^!Delay 1
      >> ^!IfSame "^$GetAppTitle$" "Application title name, or popup window" Next else Skip_-2
      >> ^!Delay 1
      >> ^!FocusApp "*Pro*"
      >> ^!Delay 1
      >> ^!IfSame "^$StrCopyLeft("^$GetAppTitle$";11)$" "NoteTab Pro" Next else Skip_-2
      >> ^!Delay 1

      Take care,
      Jody Adair

      The whole world doth err save you and me,
      and even thou doest err some! ;)
      http://notetab.net, http://fookes.us
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