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14011Re: [Clip] Sending text to other application

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  • Don Daugherty
    Jul 2, 2005
      >>It seems that up to the step of copying the text to clipboard is fine,
      >>but it doesn't activate the other software with ^!FocusApp.
      >You might try using wildcards in the Application title after ^!FocusApp
      >^!FocusApp "*View Tickets*NetCaptor*"
      If Jody's suggestion hasn't solved your problem, you might consider
      these possibilities:
      (1) The title bar doesn't have the identical syntax on the 2 computers
      due to difference options checked/unchecked in the target program, e.g.
      in one system a program, say Internet Explorer might have a title bar
      that reads
      "Don's Web Site - Microsoft Internet Explorer" while in the other it
      might read
      "Microsoft Internet Explorer - Don's Web Site." This may be an
      impossible example but it shows the idea.
      (2) The there may be a timing problem wherein the second system
      doesn't respond fast enough and the Clip finishes before the target
      program get's the desired commands. If this is it, try the ^!Delay
      command, perhaps with a checking loop, such as
      ^!Delay 1
      ^!IfMatch "".*Don's Web Site.*"" "^$GetAppTitle$" Next Else Skip_-1
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