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14004Re: [Clip] HTM to ASCII Conversion

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  • Jody
    Jun 30, 2005
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      Hi Howard,

      >Does anyone have a clip that strip ALL htm tags from a document?
      >I need to do a folder full of docs.

      I have a number of Clips that work with directories in my
      DirStuff. You'll find some that you can modify to do what you
      want. Look for ones that use ^$GetFiles instead of the ones with
      the older method using ^$GetFileFirst/^$GetFileNext although those
      still have good use for some purposes. Try right clicking over the
      Library combobox and choose "Open as Document" and then do a Find
      for ^$GetFiles. They'll use ^!SetArray.

      Look under Website Cleanup at the bottom and use the following Clip...

      Strip All Tags/HTML

      I just made it with minor alterations of another Clip in the Library.
      Make sure you make a copy of the directory before using!!! The files
      are saved in the same folder as .txt files. There's options to do
      subfolders and preserve links or not.

      NoteTabbers Assistant Library Page
      Direct download for DirStuff

      Affiliate links for Fookes Software, thanks! :)
      Fookes Software Home
      Check out Aid4Mail to convert many mail program types to others

      Happy Clip'n!

      All Lists: http://www.fookes.us/maillist.htm
      http://www.clean-funnies.com, http://www.sojourner.us/software
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