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13823Re: [Clip] Sequential numbering

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  • acummingsus
    Jun 6, 2005
      Julie wrote:

      >Alec, Alan - thanks! I've not played any with arrays as I've not had the
      >need... but this simple example opens up a host of ideas.
      Alec's post did not arrive to me until way, way late. Otherwise, I
      would have spared the group of my clip since it essentially does the
      same as Alec's.

      Good ol sometimes erratic delivery timing Yahoo mail lists (er, maybe
      it's my ISP). I just now got Alec's post when I retrieved my email
      just now.

      Julie, neither of us used any array. Both of us used repetitive loop
      with the only way to break out is when the divider item is no longer
      found. (while it's true that the divider item is found, keep looping)
      -- (otherwise, when not_true a.k.a. when_no_longer_found then break
      out of loop and end/terminate clip.

      The ^!SetArray command is a tip off (indicates) that array is used.

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