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13788Re: [Clip] RegExp For Formatting Paragraphs

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  • Larry Hamilton
    Jun 5, 2005
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      Have you looked under the Modify Menu?

      There is an option under the Lines submenu to Reformat lines to a
      specified length. It will split long lines. There are also options to
      join and split lines.

      This should meet most needs unless you have something that is so mangled
      only a regex or a clip can fix it.

      The regex gurus should have an answer for you soon.

      Larry Hamilton
      Kairos Computer Solutions
      Sales Affiliate for Grisoft Anti-Virus

      acantley5 wrote:
      > I receive email that is not formatted properly and I need a regular
      > expression to clean it up somewhat. All lines are paragraphs AND
      > there are no blank lines between paragraphs. I need to find each line
      > that ends in ". ! or ?" and replace it with the existing punctuation
      > plus a CR-LF. Can anyone give me a clue? I know I need to use
      > the "end of line" operator $ but cannot get it to work. TIA
      > Blessings,
      > Al Cantley
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