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13758parse specific words from file

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  • Mr. Phillip Sand Hansel II
    Jun 1, 2005

      Although I have created a few clips, what I want to do now is beyond
      my knowledge, and I can't quite seem to find a similar example and
      modify it to meet my needs (I have tried).

      I would like to take values out of a file and create a new file with
      those words.

      -- An example input file --
      1.05 4190.5 SmartValue
      1.1 IMPHED~
      0 13
      1.05 5743 SmartValue
      1.1 ILMED~
      0 10
      1.05 12507.5 SmartValue
      1.1 IMPHED~
      0 13
      -- end of example --

      -- desired result file --
      4190.5 IMPHED 5743 ILMED 12507.5 IMPHED
      -- end of desire --

      I want to get the second field of the third line (a depth value),
      and the second field of the fourth line (a well log curve name), and
      then get the second field of the 7th and 8th lines, etc... and place
      them in a file as one line of depth/curvename depth/curvename etc...

      I have tried something like...
      ; 1st depth curve pair

      But all I am getting is confused. I have been manually cutting and
      pasting the needed text, but I know there is a better way. Any ideas?

      Thanks in advance,
      Mr. Phillip
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