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13641Re: [Clip] Parsing INI operations

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  • abairheart
    May 10, 2005
      PMFBI, but

      --- In ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com, Larry Hamilton <lmh@h...> wrote:

      > ... two ways of interacting with ini files simply because in one
      > way the file is in use and in the other it is like a data file.

      or BOTH! -- using the configuration INI file as data file as well.
      I.e. without changing to a special INI file for the clip.

      I also want to point out the "^!Refresh" command, which supposedly
      fixes any changes to disk.

      I too have encountered strange behaviour, when changing values in INI
      variables (those that I define), and in configuration variables (that
      NoteTab defines). These seem to update erratically.

      Sofar I have not been able to pin this erratic behaviour down to any
      specific condition.

      There is one specific problem I can reproduce at will:
      Change configuration of the toolbar and the icons in the toolbar
      change size. I restore the icon size by making nonsensical changes to
      the icons in the toolbar configuration. Or I reload NoteTab --

      ergo: INI file problems.

      Just adding fuel to the fire <grin>

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