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13621Parsing INI operations

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  • John Zeman
    May 10, 2005
      I need to correct something I said last time about the ini file.
      After a good night's sleep and quite a bit of further testing this
      morning, I've discovered it's a bit different than I thought.

      Here are my revised conclusions:

      1. The only time the ini file is actually changed on disk is when the
      ^!ProgIniSave command is used (and of course when exiting the NoteTab

      2. The ^!SaveValue command does not write to the ini file on disk as
      I'd stated earlier, instead it changes the dynamic value of a setting
      in the ini memory.

      3. Here's another thing it seems I was wrong about. Once the dynamic
      value of the ini file is changed in memory, it's NOT used in the
      current NoteTab session UNLESS the ^!ProgIniLoad command is run.

      4. It seems that when you run the ^!ProgIniSave command, NoteTab does
      NOT save any recently made changes that were made to the ini via the
      ^!SaveValue command. Rather it seems to save what NoteTab had last
      read from the ini when the program was launched or refreshed by using
      the ^!ProgIniLoad command.

      So to sum it up it appears the following might be a basic template to
      use when processing the NoteTab ini file.

      ; Update NoteTab to any recent changes

      ; Save current ini config to disk

      ; Read or write new ini values
      ^!SaveValue [Section:]Key=Value

      ; Update NoteTab again

      It's been an interesting exercise. Any thoughts out there?

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