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13593Re: [Clip] regex to take out lines ending in series of = signs plus a quote

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  • Hugo Paulissen
    May 2, 2005
      don, hrs,

      Some remarks about this...

      .+=========" would work as well, it is simpler, and since Notetab's
      regex engine is greedy it picks up all lines ending with ten dashes
      and a ".

      I do not think the $-sign is needed here, especially since you
      include \n in the search criteria...

      I think the first example should omit the \n.

      If you do search for a new line at the end of a line, it will not
      find the lasat occurence (if that happens to be on the last line


      > H="Testexp"
      > ; removes line, leaves blank line
      > ;^!Replace .+\=+"$\n >> "" RSA
      > ; removes line and blank line
      > ^!Replace .+\=+"$\n >> "" RSA
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