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13527replace across line breaks in a Str?

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  • sgilbert92
    Mar 31 5:49 PM
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      Thanks Alan C and Abair for ideas on dynamic wizards...I'm
      experimenting much more wildly now.

      Now I'm trying to make a wizard where you paste in a block of text
      from, say, Word, and then click various flags, and NoteTab spits out
      HTML according to the flags.

      It's working, except that I'd like to search/replace in the original
      block of text (stored in a variable) for things like smart quotes from
      Word and emdashes. I could use StrToHTML, I know, but actually I
      don't want the entities for smart quotes, I want just & quot ;. And
      there are some other examples like this.

      But when I try to use StrReplace on the text block, the line breaks
      boggle it. Any suggestion besides the not-so-elegant approach of
      replacing all line breaks with QQQ or something, doing StrReplace on
      the offending special characters, and then converting the QQQ's back
      to line breaks?

      I'm good with ^!Replace, but that only works on active docs, right,
      not vars?

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