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13325Re: [Clip] Why the & Symbol

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  • Hugo Paulissen
    Feb 4 3:26 PM
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      jhomme, hrs,


      If you have a wizard like this, the & indicates the character that
      allows a keyboarder to jump to a specific field (The letter follwoing
      the ampersand is underlined). In the example above CTRL+N brings you
      directly to the name field, whereas CTRL+B would reposition the
      cursor in the Number-field...


      > jhomme wrote:
      > > Hi,
      > > I know the ^& symbol dictates where the cursor goes or exposes
      > a piece of text in a clip, but what does the & by itself do in
      > the code below?
      > >
      > > ^!InsertWizardHtml <FORM ACTION="^?{&Action URL}"
      > METHOD="^?{&Method=get|post}">^P ^&^P</FORM>^P
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