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13324Re: [Clip] Why the & Symbol

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  • hsavage
    Feb 4, 2005
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      jhomme wrote:
      > Hi,
      > I know the ^& symbol dictates where the cursor goes or exposes
      a piece of text in a clip, but what does the & by itself do in
      the code below?
      > ^!InsertWizardHtml <FORM ACTION="^?{&Action URL}"
      METHOD="^?{&Method=get|post}">^P ^&^P</FORM>^P
      > Thanks.
      > Jim

      This, from NoteTab Help should help explain the use of ^& in a clip.

      Wrapping a Clip around selected text

      Normally, if you select text in your document and then paste an
      item from the Clipbook, the document selection is replaced by the
      Clip text. However, if the Clip text item includes the
      two-character code ^&, the highlighted text in the document is
      inserted at the code's position and the resulting text is pasted
      in the document. This feature is particularly useful when
      producing HTML documents. For example, if you have defined a
      Clipbook item under the title Italic:


      Selecting text in your document (for example NoteTab) and then
      double-clicking on the Italic item in the Clipbook will surround
      the text with the italic tags:


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