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13304Re: [Clip] Temp file

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  • John Parsons
    Feb 1, 2005
      On 01/02/05 18:19, abairheart weightily Declaimed:

      >Pausing the clip is no problem, if you add a goto at the top of the
      >clip, and a label, where you want to restart.
      >In the goto, you want to place a variable target. For example:
      >; top of clip
      >^If "^%target%"="^%EMPTY%" SKIP
      >^!Goto ^%target%
      >^!Set %target%=BYPASS
      >;continue clip operation
      >This code can be used to re-enter clip repeatedly, at different
      >Just out of curiosity, why do you need to hand-edit a document before
      >discarding it?

      Thanks for all the suggestions, I'm just trying them out to see what
      approach suits best.
      The reason for hand editing is that the material I'm scanning starts
      with a heading in a different font and also a dropped cap on the first
      line - now Finereader is 99% on basic text but struggles sometimes with
      the heading/dropped cap combination, no combination of regep filters I
      can think of will resolve the resulting jumble of lines (the clip is
      basically to remove spurious line breaks so the material will paste into
      a w/p)

      Thanks again

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