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13294Re: [Clip] Using clips with variables

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  • Don - htmlfixit.com
    Jan 31, 2005
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      Don - htmlfixit.com wrote:
      >>I have tried creating a master clip to play a clip to replace the
      >>&&'s then play another clip to replace the $$'s but when the clip to
      >>replace && doesn't find another &&, I Ctrl+Alt+Cancel to end the
      >>clip. This ends the clip operation of the parent clip, so the $$ clip
      >>does not play.
      >>Is there a way to format a clip to state, "Find and replace all &&
      >>and when there are no more &&, find and replace all $$."?
      > Yes you do your search. When there are no more, you will get an error,
      > so put this:
      ps, post your clip so we can see it and then we would just have to make
      minor adjustments as opposed to writing one if we wanted to show you how
      we might do it. Hopefully the above gets you where you need to go. I
      presume you have a loop running to get the incremented replacement.
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