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13181Re: [Clip] Re: String Interpretation (was ^!If Bug ?)

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  • John Mitchell
    Jan 7, 2005

      No probs, and I really do appreciate the help from you and all the
      others on this group. I'm also a huge fan of NTB. I use it all day and
      every day and the more I delve into templates and clips the more mileage
      I get out of it.

      The term holy war alludes to the tendency of some group "discussions" I
      have seen, mainly in other fora, to descend into a ping pong match
      between believers and non-believers. I thought it was a common term, but
      perhaps not. In any case, no slight intended and sorry if I was a bit

      I've started using Clip Assistant which will undoubtedly help keep me on
      the straight and narrow.

      Regards, John M

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      From: "Alan_C" <acumming@...>
      To: ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Fri, 07 Jan 2005 22:43:29 -0800
      Subject: Re: [Clip] Re: String Interpretation (was ^!If Bug ?)

      John Mitchell wrote:
      > Alan
      > I didn't intend to start a holy war here.

      Nor me either. I apologize for assuming that you had no programming
      experience. What, did I do something to make you think that I took it
      like that, a war? ? My only intent was to expose about quotes and
      setting and extracting contents of variable. (literal string not
      covered until now -- see below for literal string)

      Importantly, since clipclass provides such good syntax guidelines for
      someone who is new to Notetab -- thus, I've no further need to reply to
      ntb-clips list about syntax and rules thereof -- instead, I'll refer
      whoever query to ClipClass because it's been revised and can do a much
      much better job than I can)

      But the clipclass does set the stage for using quotes. A user can
      follow the quoting recomendations in clipclass and be ok, can do so
      until the user gains experience by then the user is familiar enough so
      as to know what to do. At least that was my experience anyways. Your
      mileage may vary.

      So I still recommend clipclass for someone new/unfamiliar with Notetab.
      I shoould done it that way in the first place. Sorry for being clumsy
      while I make an attempt (the mentioned assumption on my part)

      [ . . ]
      > see the rules of engagement I'll still be hard to convince that..
      > ^!Info qwerty
      > ^!Info "qwerty"
      > ^!Set %a%="qwerty"
      > ^!Info ^%a%
      > .which yields
      > qwerty
      > "qwerty"
      > qwerty
      > .is the model of consistency.

      With Notetab, setting into a variable is one thing which my last post
      shared on that. Displaying a literal string is another matter, such as
      your use of the ^!Info above.

      The rules that apply to setting a variable and extracting the contents
      of a variable (as far as quotes concerned) are not applicable with the
      use of literal string (your above "inconsistency" or #2 in the middle
      uses a literal string it does not make use of a variable).

      Once again, this is a context thing (I think) my apologies if it is not.
      But I think it is a context issue because it involves the context of
      when, where, and how the quotes show_up/reside within the greater
      context of the overall code example.

      > I think it's reasonable to expect the documentation (Help and/or PDF) to
      > define the rules of interpretation for people (like me) who are more
      > than happy to RTFM.

      Well then, I suppose the help file lacks. You're right. I've no
      argument. I agree. I certainly didn't mean to argue by formerly
      refering you to clipclass. I only meant to share what I had come across
      that had helped me.


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