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13166Re: [Clip] String Interpretation (was ^!If Bug ?)

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  • John Mitchell
    Jan 6, 2005
      Jody, RS, Don, Alan, and anyone else I have missed.

      Thanks for your help with this. Time delays in the arrival of replies
      have extended this discussion but it has all been useful input.

      Jody, perhaps the next release of the documentation/help could be
      amended to include a mention of ">>".

      More generally, I expect I'm not alone in my level of confusion with the
      way that strings are interpreted in NTB so some clear guidance, with
      examples, would also be a welcome addition to the docs. Here's an
      example of what I mean.

      ^!Set %a%="ASDF"
      ^!Set %b%="ZXCV"
      ^!Set %c%=^%a%^%b%
      ^!Set %d%=^%a%"ZXCV"
      ^!Info ^%a%^%b%
      ; .......... Displays ASDFZXCV (expected)
      ^!Info ^%c%
      ; .......... Displays ASDFZXCV (expected)
      ^!Info ^%d%
      ; .......... Displays ASDF"ZXCV" (inconsistent?)

      For consistency, I'd expect quotes to *always* be treated as string
      delimeters unless escaped. This is apparently not the case.

      Regards, John Mitchell

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      From: "Jody" <kjv-av1611@...>
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      Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2005 13:56:34 -0600
      Subject: Re: [Clip] ^!If Bug ?

      Hi Don,

      >1. I think that >> may have some special meaning as it syntax highlights
      >and appears to include a return in the info box as it's value.

      I just came to this one Don. You are correct. See my other
      message. In short though, it was what was first used before ^p.
      >> is left in for backwards compatibility although it is not
      documented anymore.

      ^!Info breaker>>breaker>>1 9 ;)

      Happy Clip'n!

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