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13156Re: Odd timing of mailings received from list was Re: [Clip] ^!If Bug ?

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  • Don - htmlfixit.com
    Jan 6, 2005
      > That's been happening a lot here lately. Unless I wait a day or longer
      > to reply or else go to the www Yahoo groups interface, then I am taking
      > a risk that I'll post to the list and duplicate what someone else has
      > already posted.
      > I'm curious: Is this a list wide thing or am I the only one it happens
      > to or is it happen to only a small percentage of list recipients?

      I just did it on the bug one myself. I got all the other replies after
      I posted one thinking geez, nobody really dug into this yet. I post
      then promptly recieve several others. It seems to happen when it wants
      to. It may also have to do with moderation sometimes. If a moderated
      person posts, it will appear once approved but dated/timed as of the
      original sent time. I have also noticed that time on the senders
      machine, if off, will affect how the message is handled. Recently
      someone (no names used to protect the party ;-) ) had their computer
      off 12 hours and I was getting their messages popping up higher than the
      other current messages.

      I just want to say thanks to our moderators. I do several lists and I
      know it gets busy at times. It sure is nice to have a spam free list on
      the other hand. I know how much spam my groups get, so I know how often
      you all are undoubtely taking a viagra spam for our benefit.
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