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13154Odd timing of mailings received from list was Re: [Clip] ^!If Bug ?

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  • Alan_C
    Jan 5, 2005
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      (I wonder if John saw RS's post about quoting the variable names)

      I went to the www interface of Yahoo Groups. There I saw RS's post from
      earlier in the day of which it's now three hours since RS sent that post
      to this list and I have still not received that post via the email.

      That's been happening a lot here lately. Unless I wait a day or longer
      to reply or else go to the www Yahoo groups interface, then I am taking
      a risk that I'll post to the list and duplicate what someone else has
      already posted.

      I'm curious: Is this a list wide thing or am I the only one it happens
      to or is it happen to only a small percentage of list recipients?


      John Mitchell wrote:
      > Alan
      > Thanks. I've submitted a bug report.
      > Regards, John M
      > ----- Original message -----
      > From: "Alan_C" <acumming@...>
      > To: ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com
      > Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2005 22:01:10 -0800
      > Subject: Re: [Clip] ^!If Bug ?
      > John Mitchell wrote:
      >>^!Set %comment%=">>"
      >>^!Select paragraph
      >>^!Set %Str%=^$StrCopyLeft(^$GetSelection$;2)$
      >>^!If ^%Str%=^%comment% ^!Prompt ^%Str%=^%comment%
      >>^!If ^%comment%=^%Str% ^!Prompt ^%comment%=^%Str%
      >>; End of clip -------
      >>If I run it against an open document containing arbitrary text the first
      >>^!If tests TRUE and the second tests FALSE
      > 1. same here.
      >>, except when the first two
      >>characters of the current paragraph are >>, in which case both tests
      >>resolve to FALSE!!
      > 2. same here.
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