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13134Re: [Clip] ^!Keyboard malfunction

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  • abairheart
    Jan 4, 2005
      --- In ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com, Jody <kjv-av1611@e...> wrote:
      > ... intermittently failing is because you are getting
      > lower on resources or higher cpu activity when you run it.

      Hi Jody,

      This brings up the question of what NoteTab loads into memory, when
      you load a clip library, or a clip.

      When NT loads a new library, does it load all clips in it? Or does it
      wait to load individual clips, as they are run?

      I have mysterious slow-downs in NoteTab, that I'd like to pin on
      something <g>. Some of my libraries seem to slow things down more
      than others.

      If I have many goto labels in a clip, do they eat memory resources?
      Do arrays eat more resources, than individual variables?
      I mean, does an array of 5 elements eat more, than 5 separate

      DO INI variables eat memory? or are they reloaded on each use?
      Is it more efficient to use GetValue(INIVarname) than to assign this
      value to a variable?

      One more question: What happens, if a INI variable value contains
      more than the maximum 1024 characters?


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