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12914Re: [NTB] Creating a C.S.V. file query.

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  • Don - htmlfixit.com
    Dec 4, 2004
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      privately email me a bunch of this text (you sent 2 items -- send me 100)
      this is really easily solvable with a clip ... I'll even write it for
      you (if someone doesn't beat me to the punch) but I cannot post it here,
      I have to post to the clips list
      do you by any chance belong to that list?

      The clips list is very very friendly and often someone will write the
      clip for you or come awful close if you ask nicely how to solve your

      I have the following questions (that will be better answered by a bigger
      set of data)

      1. is the isbn number the only thing that has only numbers in it ... and
      is it always numbers only
      2. are there ever commas in the data itself? if so then you need to go
      to a different delimiter, or enclose text with commas in quotes before
      comma separating them

      Some of the problems to overcome are ;

      (1) Each column can be a different width. - that doesn't really matter much

      (2) The ISBN needs to be the first item on each line - if it is always a
      number that can be done very easily in clips and could be done with a
      regex ... but regexes in notetab can be very slow/klunky ... so a clip
      solution might be better.

      (3) The number of columns of info can change. The first is four for
      example and the second is five. -- if you solve #2 above, then this
      doesn't matter.

      My original may have thousands of items so I want to be able to
      do this easily. -- that is why a clip might be a better solution ...
      because you need to use a regex otherwise to do it right.

      I'll put together a series of commands if I can that will do this
      without a clip, but this really will need to move to the clip list
      rapidly or we will get moderators telling us we are too complex for the
      basic list.

      cc: clip list
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