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12911Re: [Clip] Re: Extracting words from a file

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  • Don - htmlfixit.com
    Dec 4, 2004
      Hugo Paulissen wrote:
      > Don,
      > You wrote the kind of clip I had in mind and for which I didn't have the
      > time. It was clear that NoteTab's regex was in the way... ;-). If I had the
      > need for this clip I would definitely test it!
      > Hugo

      I used the ideas of three of you (plus as usual something out of
      noteblock). So it is a combination of three comments including yours,
      the one on deleting what was unneeded -- come to think of it putting the
      results in another file is four -- and the sorting alphbetically
      comment. I think if one really wanted to do it with a regex, perl would
      be a good choice, but for many that defeats the purpose because, even
      though perl is easy to run on a pc from notetab, it is another whole thing.

      I left screenupdate on so that you can kind of see it materialize and
      know it is working.
      I added a few special things that applied mainly to my test file, but
      won't hurt on another file (like deleting a leading hyphen).

      The most interesting thing I learned in the process is that IsUppercase
      means NOT Lowercase.
      Of course IsLowercase means NOT Uppercase as well. I first tested for
      it to be a number.
      Either will test positive for a non-alphabetic (white space,
      punctuation, numbers -- all test postitive under either of those).

      I had also forgotten the SKIP_# feature which I noticed when ripping
      something off in the NoteBlock Library. That came in handy. I knew
      SKIP but forgot you could skip multiple lines.

      I usually put something at the top of my clips in a comment to describe
      where they came from ... even though of course they usually come from a
      combination of you all. It is NOT to claim some level of ownership or
      anything because it is most often plagerized in essence to some degree
      or other, but rather to help if we have to later dissect it or make

      I have decided to start "keeping" some of the clips I work on here:

      I figure that will help me find them in the future when I want to copy
      something from one of them for future use.
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