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12880Re: [Clip] Extracting words from a file

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  • Jody
    Nov 30, 2004
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      Hi Franz

      >So far, I didn't manage to substitute the Text Statistics with a clip
      >that provides a complete list of all capitalized words
      >in a normal text file (no list). First, I tried it this way...
      >^!Find "[A-Z][A-Za-z\-]+" CRS
      >^!IfError Output
      >^!Set %Word%=^$GetSelection$
      >^!Append %Copy%=^%Word%^%NL%
      >^!Keyboard Right
      >^!GoTo Loop
      >^!Toolbar New Document
      >^!InsertCode ^%Copy%
      >In principle, this is doing the job. But processing a file of 500 KB
      >is lasting "hours" and ends up in an "Out of memory" message.
      >Do you know any better solution?

      That is a problem with the current regular expression engine. We
      hope to have a new regular expression engine in the next
      maintenance release. I know that doesn't help now, but I thought
      I would let you know where the problem lies.

      Happy Clip'n!

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