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12719Re: [Clip] nother error (signature changer clip, fortune, etc.)

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  • Alan C.
    Nov 10 2:15 PM
      On Wed, 10 Nov 2004 12:10:10 -0600, Ed Brown wrote:
      [ A sig changer clip ]
      >�[ . . ] It appears if this is left in place then the
      >�clip will bring up the signature for the correct date. �Will this work
      >�every morning when I boot up the computer or will I need to go to the
      >�Clip Library and click on the clip?

      I've only seen portions of this thread so I haven't fully grasped what this thread is all about. But it appears to be about using Notetab clip so as to accomplish a daily sig line change.

      Harvey provided the answer which is that 1. Notetab can be launched via the command line. 2. a windows shortcut may hold just such a command line.

      Place your command line into a windows shortcut and then drop that shortcut into what is called your startup folder. My Win 2k is on D: drive, here's where my startup located. Yours will be similar but a little different but still should have startup

      D:\Documents and Settings\fb11_s\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

      Once all that is done then whenever two criteria be met is when your sig line be changed. the two criteria are 1. computer boot up or startup 2. a change of date since last bootup ie a or the next day.

      so if you start your computer at least once a day then each day you should get a change of sig which will last for 24 hours until the day rolls over to another day. Another day, another different sig.


      >�Alan wrote:
      >>�hsavage wrote:
      >>�[ . . ]
      >>� >�H="Sigline Changer"
      >>� >�^!Set %newsig%=^$GetShellFolder(Personal)$signature^[dd^].txt
      >>� >�^!Set %oldsig%=^$GetShellFolder(Personal)$signature.txt
      >>� >�^!CopyFile "^%newsig" "^%oldsig%"
      >>�% (at least here in my email) missing at end of "^%newsig"
      >>�don't know if that have affect or not.
      >>�H="Sigline Changer test"
      >>�^!Set %newsig%=^$GetShellFolder(Personal)$signature^[dd^].txt
      >>�^!Set %oldsig%=^$GetShellFolder(Personal)$signature.txt
      >>�^!Info newsig^%NL%^%newsig%^%NL%^%NL%oldsig^%NL%^%oldsig%
      >>�The Info box (code line) might provide you visual showing of if it is
      >>�getting the paths alright or not.
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