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  • hsavage
    Nov 10, 2004
      Ed Brown wrote:
      > Thanks, this worked after I changed the oldsig to signature.txt. It
      > seems that I should leave the signature.txt in place as that is what
      > when into the line in Tools>Account Settings>attach this signature and
      > in the slot was written C:\Documents and Settings\Ed\My
      > Documents\signature.txt. It appears if this is left in place then the
      > clip will bring up the signature for the correct date. Will this work
      > every morning when I boot up the computer or will I need to go to the
      > Clip Library and click on the clip?
      > Ed


      There are, at least, 2 ways to do it from NoteTaB. Add the corrected
      clip to your library of choice.

      The info below is found in 'Help > Help Topics > Index Tab >
      Command-line Parameters'.

      You need to start NoteTab using a shortcut modified as below.
      This is the 'Target' line from my NoteTab shortcut that I start NTP with
      every day.

      "C:\Fookes\Ntp\NotePro.exe" /L="+gdop:sigline changer"

      +gdop is the libraryname, Sigline Changer is the clipname.
      Be sure to use the double quotes to accommodate spaces in the path or
      the command-line parameter.
      This load the library and runs the clip on NoteTab initial startup.

      Don't forget, the clip should be as follows;

      H="Sigline Changer"
      ^!Set %newsig%=^$GetShellFolder(Personal)$signature^[dd^].txt
      ^!Set %oldsig%=^$GetShellFolder(Personal)$signature.txt
      ^!CopyFile "^%newsig%" "^%oldsig%"


      from a previous email.

      Your full path to NoteTab:

      "c:\program files\NoteTab Pro\NotePro.exe" /L=yourchoice

      "c:\program files\NoteTab Pro\NotePro.exe" /L="yourchoice:Sigline Changer"


      Changes the default Clip library to the one indicated by LibraryName
      (without extension or path). Optionally use RunClip to specify a Clip to
      execute once NoteTab is open.

      hrs > hsavage@...

      Sigline Test File #10 for Mozilla Mail! 04-11-10
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