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12705Re: [Clip] nother error

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  • Alan
    Nov 10, 2004
      hsavage wrote:
      [ . . ]
      > H="Sigline Changer"
      > ^!Set %newsig%=^$GetShellFolder(Personal)$signature^[dd^].txt
      > ^!Set %oldsig%=^$GetShellFolder(Personal)$signature.txt
      > ^!CopyFile "^%newsig" "^%oldsig%"

      % (at least here in my email) missing at end of "^%newsig"


      don't know if that have affect or not.

      H="Sigline Changer test"
      ^!Set %newsig%=^$GetShellFolder(Personal)$signature^[dd^].txt
      ^!Set %oldsig%=^$GetShellFolder(Personal)$signature.txt
      ^!Info newsig^%NL%^%newsig%^%NL%^%NL%oldsig^%NL%^%oldsig%

      The Info box (code line) might provide you visual showing of if it is getting the paths alright or not.

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