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12699Re: [Clip] nother error

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  • hsavage
    Nov 9, 2004
      Ed Brown wrote:
      > Line 2 Clip Syntax Error
      > COPYFILE "signature09.txt"
      > and here is the clip that I assembled that produces the above error:
      > ^!CopyFile "^$GetShellFolder(c:\Documents and Settings\Ed\My
      > Documents\signature.txt)$signature^[dd^].txt"
      > "^$GetShellFolder(C:Documents and Settings\Ed\My
      > Documents\signature.txt)$signature.txt"


      If I understand you correctly you modified the example one line clip by
      replacing the word Personal with the full path to the signature file.

      Don't do that, replace the path you added with the word Personal and
      re-try the clip. The clip should work exactly as it is in my email.

      This command line has 2 spaces in it.

      H="Sigline Changer"
      ^!CopyFile "^$GetShellFolder(Personal)$signature^[dd^].txt"



      signature 09 line test in Mozilla
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