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12688Re: [Clip] Hyperlinks to run programs

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  • Jody
    Nov 8, 2004
      Hi Jelks,

      >> Add the <> and the file type of the file you have it in to HTML
      >> Files in Options. HTML Files open when the Edit item in the
      >> Windows Explorer content menu is invoked, so it shouldn't
      >> interfere with anything else. I have txt, ja, and others in there
      >> as well so I can <highlight this!> in my text based file types.
      >Jody, doesn't work here. Adding < and > around the URL inside the
      >brackets makes Notetab pass it to the browser as part of the the
      >link name itself, at least when it comes to .XLS (Excel) files.

      Put the arrows outside the brackets, sorry.
      <[file://C:\Documents and Settings\h.paulissen\Desktop\lijstfdcw1-10-04.xls]

      >I also don't understand -- why would you want to add Excel binary
      >file types to Notetab's list of "HTML files"? I did try it to see
      >if it would make the angle-bracketed linking you describe work
      >with "file:" links (it didn't), but I removed it because it doesn't
      >really make sense to me to view color coded binary Excel files
      >inside Notetab.

      You missed what I said to do. ;) No, you do not want to add xls
      the the HTML Files list. You want to add the file type that you
      have the <[...]> in, not the file you are trying to open. Adding
      them to the HTML files list only haves that file type open in
      NoteTab when *Edit* is used. You do not want to add a file type
      that you edit with something else. It's just a trick to <get this

      Happy Clip'n!

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