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12687Re: [Clip] Hyperlinks to run programs

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  • Jelks Cabaniss
    Nov 8, 2004
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      Jody wrote:
      > [<file://C:\Documents and Settings\h.paulissen\Desktop\lijstfdcw1-
      > Add the <> and the file type of the file you have it in to HTML
      > Files in Options. HTML Files open when the Edit item in the
      > Windows Explorer content menu is invoked, so it shouldn't
      > interfere with anything else. I have txt, ja, and others in there
      > as well so I can <highlight this!> in my text based file types.

      Jody, doesn't work here. Adding < and > around the URL inside the
      brackets makes Notetab pass it to the browser as part of the the
      link name itself, at least when it comes to .XLS (Excel) files.
      Adding a "file:" protocol to the path & file name passes it to my
      default browser, which doesn't like "<file://foo.xls>" (note
      brackets) in its address box.

      Angle-bracketed links *do* work on NON-"file:" links, but that's
      because the linked files are being opened in Notetab, not some other
      program like Excel.

      I also don't understand -- why would you want to add Excel binary
      file types to Notetab's list of "HTML files"? I did try it to see
      if it would make the angle-bracketed linking you describe work
      with "file:" links (it didn't), but I removed it because it doesn't
      really make sense to me to view color coded binary Excel files
      inside Notetab.

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