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12686Re: [Clip] Hyperlinks to run programs

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  • Jody
    Nov 8, 2004
      Hi Jelks,

      >Interesting -- that actually works! Browser prompts for "Open or
      >Save", but that's OK (you can uncheck the "Always ask ..." box).
      >Notetab underlines in blue everything before the first space in the
      >file: URL, but that's just a color-coding issue.

      [<file://C:\Documents and Settings\h.paulissen\Desktop\lijstfdcw1-10-04.xls>]

      Add the <> and the file type of the file you have it in to HTML
      Files in Options. HTML Files open when the Edit item in the
      Windows Explorer content menu is invoked, so it shouldn't
      interfere with anything else. I have txt, ja, and others in there
      as well so I can <highlight this!> in my text based file types.


      I can only please one person a day.
      Today is obviously not your day.
      Tomorrow doesn't look good either. 8D
      http://www.fookes.com/regnow.html?2448 ;)
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