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12680Re: [Clip] Hyperlinks to run programs

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  • Jelks Cabaniss
    Nov 7, 2004
      I wrote:

      > I'd *still* like to know the secret of the START command's
      > expanded PATH environment. How does it "know" where Excel (and
      > Internet Explorer) is, when Excel (and IE) isn't in the PATH? :)

      I found it! See:


      The short answer is that anything (like Excel.exe, etc.) that's in

      HKLM\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths

      registry hive is part of that expanded path that both the START
      command and Start Menu -> Run knows about. The programs listed
      there are aliases to the real programs' locations.

      That doesn't really help the Notetab hyperlinking issue much, since
      invoking START means making the link look something like ...

      [cmd.exe /c start SomeFile.xls]

      ... and that's a bit of a mouthful; [excel.bat SomeFile.xls] is a
      bit better, IMO. :)

      It would really be neat if there were a way to tell Notetab
      (internally in the preferences, not via a clip): "When I double-
      click a .XLS file in a link, lauch Excel". That way, a plain old
      [SomeFile.xls] would work. Something like the Preferences dialog
      where you can add *ML extensions for NTP's color coding, except in
      this case you would add extensions and the programs to be launched
      when encountering in links. (.xls -> ...excel.exe, .doc -
      > ...winword.exe). Only useful for *binary* file formats, of course.

      And yes, I know, you can always write clips. :)

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