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12459Re: [Clip] Clip to strip URL's only

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  • Don Daugherty
    Sep 8, 2004
      > Hi Don, Yes please post. Thanks very much in advance!

      Ok, here goes. The example clip that does the loading and editing is this:

      ; The following "Open" command needs to point to the correct location of the
      library in question.
      ; Most users probably would have it on drive c:\, not d:\
      ^!Open "D:\Program Files\NoteTab Pro\Libraries\Test_Library.clb"
      ; Define %MyStart%, i.e., find and "label" start of desired section (of
      ^!Find "H=\"_OpenQPW\"\n" R
      ^!Jump Select_End
      ^!Set %MyStart%=^$GetRow$:^$GetCol$
      ; Define %MyFinish%, i.e., find and "label" finish of desired section (of
      clip), and then Select the section.
      ; If you expect to carry-out more than one search/replace operation, the
      ; six lines would best be placed in a separate clip and called via the
      ^!Clip command.
      ^!SetCursor ^%MyStart%
      ^!Find "H=\"" R
      ^!Jump Select_Start
      ^!Set %MyFinish%=^$GetRow$:^$GetCol$
      ^!SetCursor ^%MyStart%
      ^!SelectTo ^%MyFinish%
      ; Carry out desired search/replace
      ^!Replace "KeyboardDelay 20" >> "Change-1^P" HA
      ; If you have additional search/replace operations to perform,
      ; rerun the six-line routine that defines %MyFinish% and selects the
      ; Carry out next desired search and replace
      ; ...
      ^!Close Save

      The Library being edited (viewed as a document) is as follows:

      = V5 MultiLine NoSorting TabWidth=30

      H="Open Finance 2004"
      ^!Clip "OpenQPW" Finance2004.qpw

      H="Open Finance 2003"
      ^!Clip "OpenQPW" Finance2003.qpw

      ^!Clip "OpenQPW" Investments.qpw

      ^!Set %Program%="D:\Program Files\Corel\WordPerfect Office
      ^!Set %TBar%="Quattro*"
      ^!Set %Specific%="modified"
      ^!Clip "OpenOrFocusApp"
      ;KeyboardDelay 20
      ^!KeyboardDelay 20
      ;KeyboardDelay 20
      ;KeyboardDelay 20
      ;KeyboardDelay 20
      ^!Keyboard Ctrl+O
      ^!Delay 2
      ^!IfMatch "Open\sFile.*" "^$GetAppTitle$" Next Else Skip_-1
      ^!Keyboard #e:\MySpreadsheets\Finance\^&# Enter
      ^!Delay 2
      ^!IfMatch "Hotlinks" "^$GetAppTitle$" Next Else Skip_-1
      ^!Keyboard u Enter
      ^!Delay 10
      ^!Keyboard ALT+F2 #NonAutoBegin# Enter
      ^!FocusApp "^%TBar%"

      H="Get Market Data"
      ;KeyboardDelay 20
      ;KeyboardDelay 20
      ;KeyboardDelay 20
      ;KeyboardDelay 20
      ^!Set %Path%="e:\MySpreadsheets\Finance\"
      ^!Clip "Choices"
      ^!If ^%Yahoo%>0 Next Else Skip
      ^!Clip "Get Yahoo"
      ^!If ^%Tnavs%>0 Next Else Skip
      ^!Clip "Get Cref NAVs"
      ^!If ^%Rrate%>0 Next Else Skip
      ^!Clip "Get Rukeyser Ratings"
      ^!If ^%Trate%>0 Next Else Skip
      ^!Clip "Get Cref Ratings"
      ^!If ^%M500%>0 Next Else Skip
      ^!Clip "Get Morningstar 500"
      ^!If ^%M2042%>0 Next Else Skip
      ^!Clip "Get Morningstar 2042"
      ^!Continue Process Market Data now?
      ^!Clip "Process Market Data"

      ;KeyboardDelay 20
      ;KeyboardDelay 20
      ;KeyboardDelay 20
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