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12450Re: [Clip] Easier Date Question

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  • Alan
    Sep 5, 2004
      Alan C. wrote:
      > On Fri, 03 Sep 2004 15:48:59 -0700, Alan wrote:
      >> Hi,
      > [ snip ie see my former post for it has the date-manip clip that's talked about next ]

      In the effort to create/build, I'd copied parts from others of my clips,
      pasted in, then modified to suite the current clip writing in progress.

      Due to that as well as it's not good practice to have a variable that
      never gets used . . .. Of course, it does works fine as it was/is. But
      for those who would opt to change it, then:

      ^!Set %Count%=^%alphalist0%
      ^!Set %emer_exit%=^%Count%
      ^!Inc %emer_exit% 4

      Those above three code lines could be removed and then the next two code
      lines inserted as a replacement (%Count% never gets used except to dump
      off into %emer_exit%).

      ^!Set %emer_exit%=^%alphalist0%
      ^!Inc %emer_exit% 4

      ; ---end--

      BTW: Sometimes during creating a clip I don't get my thinking modified
      fast enough (so as to keep up with what it is that I'm doing). IOW, I
      need visual aid.

      So, the scramble to quickly get from clip idea, get the idea down and
      out in front of me in the editor so that I can see it. (idea retention
      can come and go, sometimes rather quickly, like birds in flight coming
      and going). Though I haven't yet, I guess I could speak it (the idea)
      into a cassette tape for subsequent perusal if needed.

      Yes, psuedo code is good. So is "chunking it down" (dividing the big up
      into smaller pieces) then do a piece at a time.

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