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12433Easier Date Question

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  • prlproductmanager
    Sep 2, 2004
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      I'm seeing the postings fly by with a very tricky date question, can
      we start with a simpler question?

      Given a string which can be set as a variable (%DocDate%) can we get
      Notetab to recognize that it is a date?

      For instance, in my doc, the date appears in any one of the
      following formats:
      March 01, 2004
      MAR 1 2004

      I can select the string, set the variable, but then I need to output
      the date in 2 places in 2 different formats:

      If we could get this part figured out, applying it to the more
      complicated date question will be easier, I think.
      Thanks so much.

      p.s. Silly question, but I've seen the pronoun he and she applied to
      Jody, can we get a little clarity on this?
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