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12303Re: [Clip] How to remove lines with certain words

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  • Jody
    Aug 6, 2004
      Hi Billy,

      >> H=DeleteLine if it contains...
      > Jody,
      >Thanks so much for the clip! I now know what a clip is. It's a
      >utility script, right?

      Yes, Clips are made up of a scripting code we call Clip Code and
      the act of writing them is called Clipbook Programming or writing
      a Clip. <g> Yes, Clips are scripts. ;)

      >And and this one works just great! As does the Regular Expression
      >version that Alec posted. Thanks Alec! The only small problem I
      >had with the RegExp method was that it was fairly easy to get an
      >"out of memory" error.

      I figured as much with what you are doing. My guess is that the
      RegExp bug is that it is not releasing the memory as it uses it
      whereas the Clips do to some extent.

      >But that was when I tried to find/replace too many words at a
      >time. I haven't really tried very many words at a time with the
      >Clip yet, I think I tried 6, but it worked with no complaints.

      It depends on the Windows version, your resources, what you have
      been doing since you rebooted last, how big the file(s) is, how
      long it has been since you restarted NoteTab, etc... You can
      probably do a string in the hundreds though. Normally, what
      happens with NoteTab and Clips w/o RegExp is that they will just
      start going slower and slower depending on what you are doing.
      Very long/large tasks you'll see the mouse pointer start to go
      into the hour glass and Windows might even respond in the
      Titlebar that NoteTab is not responding. It might even appear to
      be locked up, even go all white, but if you let it be it will
      eventually finish. I've made over 1500 web pages with a click
      back on a Win98 machine with perhaps 356MB RAM and a 400MHz AMD
      processor and not that much hard drive. It would take a few
      minutes, hour glass creeping, but would complete. Pro is much
      better about it than Std/Light. It is the input controls used.
      (See Help | NoteTab Glossary.)

      >Y'all are good people, and I'm going to pass the word for folks
      >to go to Jodys' site and consider purchasing some of the fine
      >software products. Thanks again Jody and Alec! Happy Clip'n!

      Thanks much! :) http://www.fookes.us/redir is the shortest link I
      have. :) ...but http://www.notetab.net has stuff there as you

      >ps - Is there a way to increase the font size for the regular
      >text used in NoteTab? I have a hard time entering some of the
      >close together characters involved with entering the Regular
      >Expression into the Find/Replace box.

      Right click in the Find and Replace fields and change the font
      and/or size. See the Clipbook tab in Options for the font in it.
      Right click over the Quick List (F6) to change the font in it.
      Also see View | Printing Options...

      Click on the Titlebar icon of the Favorites dialog (F2) and the
      Find/Replace dialogs after resizing them to Save Window State.
      No extra charge for that tidbit. :)

      Happy Clip'n!

      www.clean-funnies.com, http://www.fookes.us/maillist.htm

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