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12291Re: [Clip] alternate ini file

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  • Alec Burgess
    Aug 5 10:01 AM

      It sounds like you've used the Notetab-Help-Replace MS Notepad ... option?
      If not, ignore this message.

      The mechanism Notetab uses to replace Notepad as the default for opening all
      txt files is to remove the original Notepad.exe and replace it by a copy of
      NotePad.stb (found in Notetab's program files folder)

      When it does this it also creates a notepad.ini file in the same %Windir%
      location. This file contains the path-to and name of the file to be executed
      instead of the original MS provided Notepad.

      This will be the path to Notetab. Append to that the command parameters you
      want used and you will be able to specify use of your custom special INI
      file or any other parameters you want invoked when double clicking a txt

      btw: You can actually put in there the path to *any* executable but 9 times
      out of 10 that would be a very silly thing to do. :-)

      Regards ... Alec

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      Sent: Wednesday, August 04, 2004 12:03
      Subject: [gla: [Clip] alternate ini file

      > I want NoteTab to start with an alternate INI file.
      > I can easily set up a shortcut with a command line
      > parameter of /INI="c:\mydir\myinifile.ini" BUT then
      > NoteTab won't start with my alternate ini file if I just
      > doubleclick a .txt file.
      > So, how can I make Notetab ALWAYS start with a different
      > ini file in a different directory?
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