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12288Re: [Clip] alternate ini file

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  • Alan
    Aug 4, 2004
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      donaldhines wrote:
      > I want NoteTab to start with an alternate INI file.
      > I can easily set up a shortcut with a command line parameter of
      > /INI="c:\mydir\myinifile.ini" BUT then NoteTab won't start with my
      > alternate ini file if I just doubleclick a .txt file.
      > So, how can I make Notetab ALWAYS start with a different ini file in a
      > different directory?

      If, when you 2 click a text file, then that is the associations in
      Windows. (what program is associated with a given type of a file)

      I thought Larry H. sendto a good idea, ie choice of which/where to open
      the file.

      I forget where association are set. You are allowed to set it to one
      program of your choosing.

      Perhaps do a search on association(s) using the MS Windows help.
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