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12287Re: [Clip] alternate ini file

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  • Larry Hamilton
    Aug 4, 2004

      One thing that I do for the different ini files I use for different
      purposes/projects, is to put the shortcut in the Send To directory. Then
      when I right-click the file and choose send to, I can choose the ini for
      the desired purpose. Just make sure your shortcut brings up the one you
      want and copy it to the Send To directory.

      On Win 95/98 Send To is under Windows. On Win 2k and XP is is under
      c:\Documents and Settings\username\Send To. It is a hidden folder, so if
      you do not see it, change the view settings.

      In my experiece the Send To in Win 98 only sends to the main program and
      does not seem to see the ini file. This works perfectly on Win2k and XP.

      Larry Hamilton
      My Webpage

      donaldhines wrote:
      > I want NoteTab to start with an alternate INI file.
      > I can easily set up a shortcut with a command line parameter of
      > /INI="c:\mydir\myinifile.ini" BUT then NoteTab won't start with my
      > alternate ini file if I just doubleclick a .txt file.
      > So, how can I make Notetab ALWAYS start with a different ini file in a
      > different directory?
      > thanks.
      > Donald
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