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12272How to remove lines with certain words

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  • Palladin
    Aug 4, 2004
      Hi all,
      First things first. I don't even know what a Clip is, but I posted
      the following question in the basic area, and was told to post here,
      as I most likely needed a Clip to achieve what I need NoteTab to do.
      My question involves whether NoteTab has the ability to remove
      lines from a text file that contain a certain keyword, or string.

      What I'm doing is compiling a Hosts file to block certain undesirable
      sites from being downloaded to my PC. If I redirect my PC to itself
      when a certain site is being called on, undesirable sites can be blocked.
      The Hosts file is the second filter in the process, and I need to pare
      it down. My other filter will be blocking the hosts that I remove from
      the Hosts file. I won't bore you with the details, but for more info on
      the Hosts file and how it blocks undesirable sites, a good place is:


      Anyway, here is a very small sample of what a Hosts file looks like: ad.3au.doubleclick.net popup.dk.doubleclick.com www.greenvalley-ads.servers.net ad4.popups-doubleclick.com doubleclick.shockwave.com www.ebay.doubleclick.net www.go.ad.client-servers.com gd12.doubleclick.serverclient.net

      There's thousands of these "hosts", or websites, in my Hosts file.
      What I need NoteTab to do is remove all host entries that contain
      a certain word, or "string", that I specify, because I also use another
      filter method based on keywords, and want to slim my huge Hosts
      file down, for several reasons. So far I have not been able to figure
      out how to do it with my NoteTab, but I do feel that NoteTab can.

      For instance, if I specify that NoteTab remove all entries that contain
      the word "doubleclick" from the list above, NoteTab would delete or separate from the list 6 of the 8 hosts.

      A keyword like "doubleclick" will remove several hundred hosts!
      There will be around 200 of these keywords I will use to pare down
      my very large Hosts file. If I could specify all 200 words in the same
      operation, that would be even better, but I'll settle for one at a time.
      Hope I have explained the task clearly enough. It's important to me.
      Is any of this possible with NoteTab? And if so, how? Thanks, Billy

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