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12243Convert Outline to text file

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  • Dick Gascoigne
    Jul 31, 2004
      How do I remove all of the =H lines in an outline document, to convert back
      to a plain text file?

      I have a clip that adds headings to a multi-section document, saves it as a
      .otl, and re-opens. The result is a very nicely outlined document, so that I
      can find and edit different sections.

      But now I want to remove all the headings, so as to get back to a plain text

      While in the OTL document, I can't search on "H=" lines.
      If I use Remove Header it also removes all the contents (of course).
      If I save it as a .txt, and re-open, it still opens as an outline.

      I guess I could write a clip to go to each topic, and Append To File the
      contents, but that isn't very "elegant". ;-)

      Dick Gascoigne
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