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  • Richard Hole
    Jul 11, 2004
      Hi Larry or whoever can help,

      Thanks for your letter. Sorry not to reply sooner.

      I started my own library but actually deleted the clips of ys, nts, ntp, ch, etc in the PasteClips library before I received your letter. I hope it won't harm the program. It sound like using them would be very slow where you say
      "If you go to an open document in MS Word for example and type in
      ys then highlight it and click on Words "copy" button on Words toolbar, you will activate NoteTab's "OnClipboardChange" which will replace the ys you typed with "Yours Sincerely,"

      It is strange how a button can be created for almost anything else apart from "Copy to Clipboard" unless we can find out a way to do it. Do you think it will be done in any future versions?

      Using keystrokes to paste clips in directly would be much quicker tan activating the NoteTab program, clicking on the clip and copying it to the clipboard before pasting it. Can you do this with the paid for version of the program?

      Your help is appreciated
      Regards Richard.

      Larry Thomas wrote:

      > Hi Richard,
      > Wow! Oh Boy! I hardly know where to start but I will try.
      > At 10:34 AM 7/8/04 +1000, you wrote:
      > >Hi
      > >
      > >Thanks for your information.
      > >
      > >I will explain how I got to use the term PasteClip.
      > >
      > >Near the top left hand side of the window when you open up the software is
      > a drop down box just below the tool bars. In it there are options in
      > alphabetical order. The first one is AutoCorrect and the next one is
      > CaptureLinks. There are a number more including the option of PasteClips
      > which I have selected. There is a menu below with a heading in red of About
      > this Library. Under it is a list of pasteclips I have saved. You may call
      > them clips. When I right click on the name of the PasteClip or clip in the
      > menu there is an option for "Copy to Clipboard" It would be good if there
      > was a button for this operation.
      > The top left hand side of the window you describe here is the clipbook
      > library drop down list. When you click on the down arrow on the right end
      > of this list, it drops down with a list of all of the clipbook libraries
      > contained in your Libraries folder. You can see that list also with
      > Windows Explorer by browseing to C:\Program Files\NoteTab Light\Libraries
      > and you will see the files, each one with a .clb extension on it. When you
      > learn more you can create your own clipbook library and add your own clips
      > to it. You can also see this list by looking at the bottom of the NoteTab
      > window where you will see a row of buttons with the names on them. You can
      > switch from library to library by clicking on one of these Library button
      > or you can go to the drop down list as you have done and select the library
      > from there.
      > It is a bit funny but for a new user, you picked one of the hardest
      > libraries to start out in. This library has a couple of special clips in
      > it that do things that are hard to explain to a new user but I will try.
      > The last two clips near the bottom of the list are greyed out and you
      > cannot double click on them to make them run the way you can a normal clip.
      > The reason for this is that Eric locked them out by placing and Underscore
      > before the clipname. Example: One is named _OnOpen. The reason Eric did
      > this is that these clips are special in that they are normally run by some
      > event occurring when you run NoteTab. The name "OnOpen" is a special name
      > for a clip and you can only have one clip in a library with that name. If
      > you do, when ever you select or open that library, NoteTab will
      > automatically run that clip. The second clip is name OnClipboardChange and
      > it is run everytime you copy anything to the clipboard.
      > The way you use the PasteClips Library is that you can go to any
      > application, MS Word, Wordpad, Eudora or even NoteTab itself. Open a
      > document or a message. If you look at the list of clips below the drop
      > down list you will see a list of clips such as ys, nts, ntp, ch, and
      > others. If you go to an open document in MS Word for example and type in
      > ys then highlight it and click on Words "copy" button on Words toolbar, you
      > will activate NoteTab's "OnClipboardChange" which will replace the ys you
      > typed with "Yours Sincerely,". Do you see what I mean by complicated. If
      > you type nts and highlight it and click on the copy button NoteTab's
      > "OnClipboardChange" clip will be run and it will replace nts with "NoteTab
      > Standard".
      > >I created the clips or pasteclips by right clicking on any of the existing
      > Pasteclips or clips and then selected ad new clip. I then typed in the name
      > of the clip or pasteclip I want to saved it as. Then I pasted the text into
      > the blank window on the right that I wanted to save as the clip or PasteClip.
      > Now, I would suggest for the sake of simplicity Richard that from now on,
      > you do not create any more clips inside the existing example clipbook
      > libraries that Eric provided and just keep these as examples to study for
      > writing clips. You should create your own clipbook and add your libraries
      > there and test them from there which will be much easier for you.
      > >For the remainder of the letter I will use the term "clip" for what I
      > previously called a "PasteClip".
      > >
      > >A better way instead of using the "Copy to Clipboard" option may be if
      > there was a function to use a keystroke to automatically copy a clip to the
      > clipboard without having to activate the Notetab Light software to select a
      > clip. It would be good if I could associate copying each clip to the
      > clipboard with a different keystroke. For example if the first clip that I
      > saved is named General Email then I could set it up so it will
      > automatically copy to the clipboard if I press Ctr+G.
      > >
      > >If I name the second clip "Christian Email" then I could set it up so it
      > will automatically copy the clip to the clipboard if I press Ctr+H.
      > >
      > >Is this possible to easily do?
      > As you can see from my previous posts, there is no way to do this with
      > NoteTab Light. I am not so sure you want to do this anyway. You should go
      > ahead and create your own clipbook library and add clips to it and learn
      > how they work first before you worry about the "Copy to Clipboard" button
      > just yet.
      > You can learn how to create your own clipbook from the help file but I will
      > give you a quick example here. Place your mouse cursor over the drop down
      > list of library names and click the right mouse button. You will see a
      > special menu appear and the first item on it is "New". Click on "New" and
      > a dialog box will appear that is labeled "Clipbook Library". Enter a name
      > for your new library, "1Test" or "2Test" for example. When you do you will
      > see a new name appear that you entered and the list below will be empty.
      > Now you can right click on the empty list and select "add new clip" and
      > then name your new clip, enter it and click ok and you have a new clip.
      > By the way, the proper use os the "Copy to Clipboard" item is to go to
      > another clipbook library, select a clip you want to copy and select "Copy
      > to Clipboard" and return to your new library and click on an empty place on
      > the clips list and right click and select "Add from Clipboard" and the clip
      > you copied will be added to your new library complete with the same name it
      > had in the other library.
      > I hope this helps you get started
      > Regards,
      > Larry
      > lrt@... e¿ê
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