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12156Re: Executing programs in a network unix shell

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  • thefrank
    Jul 10, 2004
      hi john,

      you asked for ideas so here goes...

      one way:

      from NTP: in the shell script that you need to execute include a
      trigger for an event that will occur when all the previous processes
      have finished running.

      another way:

      from NTP: write a PHP webpage that will execute the shell script.
      include clip language that uploads [FTP] the file then calls the
      browser to open the webpage thus calling the shell script exec. PHP
      has built-in system functions. some will allow the shell script to
      execute completely and then move on to the next step.

      the triggered event:

      the output from the event must be recognizable by NTP on your local
      sys. you could send an email to a specific address then POP locally.
      you could update a webpage and read this from the NTP clip. the
      specific text you slurp from the output can then be used as a
      variable back in NTP clip to fork the next path [e.g. if A then B
      else C].

      the same shell script would vary from sh, csh, tsch, bash, and one
      might be better than another for your particular use.

      of course the above workaround only functions if you are also online
      while your main NTP clip is running.

      PHP system functions:

      shell script help:


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