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12151Re: [Clip] Executing programs in a network unix shell

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  • Alan
    Jul 9, 2004

      Unless you are on Linux or Unix running Wine or like fashion so as to
      run Notetab on Linux

      then, instead of that, I'll assume you are on Windows and that what you
      are calling a Unix shell is instead a Windows or DOS like command
      console such as cmd.exe and that through such console you are accessing
      the Unix machine, a process/task/etc. via the network on the Unix machine.

      The process on the Unix machine is not a local Windows process.

      I suspect that Notetab has no way to detect when a non local process has
      ended. But Notetab can when it comes to local Win process.

      Let's see here: Instead of focus app, how's about instead have Notetab
      or Perl do a command line launch of cmd.exe (in the hope that when the
      process is done that the cmd.exe window would close which Ntab should
      able to detect that the cmd.exe window closing since it's local)

      But the problem might come that Windows perhaps not able detect when a
      non local process ends so as to allow the cmd.exe window to close down.

      You might have to end your clip prior to the activateapp line.


      Wright, John - Textron Financial wrote:
      > Hi,
      > I use NTP as my source code editor, and a unix shell comand line to execute
      > the program on a server. I have developed a clip to bring the unix shell to
      > the front using ^!FocusApp Host: clip command, followed by the ^!Keyboard
      > command to enter the program name and hit enter (^!Keyboard #prognam#
      > ENTER). This problem is, the ^!ActivateApp is the next instruction in the
      > clip, which immediately takes me back to NTP, before the unix program
      > completes. How can I not return to NTP until the program within the shell
      > has completed? I don't want to shut down the unix shell window, so
      > ^!ShellWait won't do the trick.
      > Does anyone have any ideas?
      > John
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