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  • Lee Underwood
    Jun 5 7:35 PM
      I am trying to write a clip that will find a word, then ask if the user
      wants to look for another occurrence of that same word; if yes, it would
      look for the next occurrence, otherwise it would go to the next word (I
      have several other words I also need to add to the clip). What I have is
      below and it doesn't seem to work. Any suggestions?

      <begin clip>
      ^!Set %row%=^$GetRow$
      ^!Set %col%=^$GetCol$
      ^!Goto first

      ^!Find "would" C
      ^!Continue [Search for next occurrence?]
      ^!IfTrue Goto first ELSE Goto second

      ^!SetCursor ^%Row%:^%Col%
      ^!Find "is" C
      ^!Continue [Search for next occurrence?]
      ^!IfTrue Goto second ELSE Goto end
      <end clip>